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We can make your hot tub as personal and customized as you’d like. Add extra jets, mood lighting and special heating options to build the tub of your dreams. Speak to a Riviera Pools representative about taking your hot tub to the next level with your choice of luxurious features.

Hot Tub Colors

Midnight Canyon

Ocean Wave


Silver Marble

Tuscan Sun

Winter Solstice

Cabinet Colors

Multi Weather Black

Multi Weather Grey

Multi Weather Mahogany

Weather All Grey

Weather All Mahogany


Handcrafted: Riviera Spas™ are hand crafted in the Latham, NY facility giving us total control over the finished product.

Stability: The spa shells stability comes from an ABS backed surface which is reinforced with a custom rigidizer we call Protegrity™.

Strength: Our handcrafted framing and cabinet construction provides strength and longevity to the Riviera Spas™.

Durability: The MultiWeather™ exterior is designed with durability. It is the same material throughout the product, so it will look great for years to come.

Quality: Riviera Spas™ ensures quality is our priority. Each spa is put through a rigorous series of tests and inspections before being shipped.

Efficiency: The Riviera Spas™ ThermalBond™ Wrap Insulation System offers efficiency by surrounding the spa shell, keeping the heat in  and the cold out.

Credibility: Riviera Spas™ allow you to be as confident in our product credibility as we are. Each spa receives UL listing from Underwriters Laboratories ensuring that only quality product standards and practices were used in its manufacture.

Safety: An enjoyable spa experience starts with safety. Riviera Spas™ boast a textured fi nish, treaded footwell, contoured grab collar, UL listing and an ASTM rated locking safety cover shown above.

Simplicity: Simplicity is often the hallmark of a quality design. All of Riviera Spas™ functions are pre-programmed. Each unit is operated with the simple push of a button.



All Riviera Spas™ offer the DuoClean™ System. This ease of maintenance system provides thousands of gallons of water circulation, filtration and ozone injection, all designed to create the perfect soaking atmosphere. Efficient operation is the cornerstone of any quality spa. The Riviera Spas™ DuoClean™ system provides just that efficiency. Riviera Spas™ has designed it’s product to function efficiently with it’s components, creating energy savings through proper equipment design. 


Easy access top load filtration provides each spa with power filtration cycles that circulate and skim thousands of gallons of water every day.


Microban® is designed to inhibit odor, mold and mildew on the surface of the filter.


The Riviera Spas™ use DuoZone™ ozone creating water that provides a more comfortable soak.


Ergonomic: Every shell design is built with strategic ergonomic support into the shell contours.

Styling: Jet Valve placement and styling allows the bather effortless interaction.

Comfort: Headrests and smooth lines create an environment of comfort.

Customize: Adjustable jetting, valves and dual speeds allow the user to customize their Hydrotherapy experience.

Versatile: The Riviera Spas™ Line offers a versatile model selection to meet the needs of a variety of spa users.

Selection: Throughout the model selection, there are a variety of spa sizes, seating layouts and therapy options.

Features: Most Riviera Spas™ offer optional features such as bluetooth streaming and speakers. Contact your dealer for details.

Amenities: Riviera Spas™ offer amenities such as LED lighting, adding unique sequences and combinations of color to your spa experience.

Unique: Most Riviera Spas™ feature a Waterfall as well as unique Hydrotherapy in it’s product line. 

Jets: Summary of total number of jets in each unit. This number includes jet faces only not the individual ports at each jet.

Pumps: A total of the pumps behind the Hydrotherapy System. Each model has one dual speed pump.

DuoZoneOzone: DuoZone™ Ozone System is the Riviera Spas™ custom designed ozone diffusion process which combines with the Microban® Filtration System. Standard in the Riviera Spas™ Line.

ThermalBondWrap Insulation: ThermalBond™ warm air retention system efficiently uses the spas waste heat to aid in this insulation system.

DuoClean: A Carolina Trademark and the heart of the Riviera Spas™ Operation System. The Duo-Clean™ Circulation System operates a dual speed energy efficient pump so your water is warm, always clean, and waiting on your demand.

Riviera Spas™ offer state of the art features, functions and Hydrotherapy in each fully equipped model.

WARNING: The consumer products safety commission has stated that the water temperature in a spa or hot tub should not exceed 104ºF. Immersion in water in excess of 104ºF could be hazardous to your health. Children, aged persons, persons having medical problems, and pregnant women should consult their physicians before using a spa or a hot tub. Spas or hot tubs should not be used by persons under the influence of alcohol or by persons taking medications that cause drowsiness. Saratoga Spa & Bath Co., Inc. reserves the right to make changes in product characteristics, standard equipment supplied or available at any time without notice. Not all features are available on all models. Please visit for the latest specifications and updates.

All 60 cycle units (Domestic and Canada) are 240 volt 50 amps. All 50 cycle units (International) are 230 volt 16 amps. International 50hrz models may vary in specifications and features. Models with International specifications are only available through International Distributors.

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